Saturday, July 7, 2012


The journey through the special education system and the IEP process can be overwhelming at times. We are here to remind parents that they are the best advocates for their children. The PAC's top priority is to inform and communicate with parents of students with disabilities in their district. Parent input and involvement in their children's education is emphasized by both Federal Law IDEA and Michigan's Rules for Special Education. 

Who we are:
The Parent Advisory Committee (or PAC) is a group of parents of children with disabilities representing the five Livingston County school districts, charter schools, LESA operated classroom programs and local community agencies. 

What we do:
We provide parent support in finding resources, support, training opportunities and information in all areas of education of students with disabilities. PAC members are available to assist parents in understanding the special education process and the IEP (Individual Education Program).

Monthly Meetings:
Parents are always welcome to attend our monthly meetings. Time will be set aside for visitors to address the PAC with their interests or concerns.

If you are experiencing a concern regarding your student's school program, please consider the 
following action steps:
  • Talk to your child's teacher or case coordinator.  Be specific about your concern.  Give details (what, when and where, if possible) and talk about how it relates to your student's IEP.  Between you and the teacher, write down what changes you have agreed to, if any, as well as who is going to make the change, and when the change will occur.  If something very important changes, an amendment of the IEP can be arranged, or a new IEP can be issued.  This is a simple process that can help things go more smoothly in the future. 
  • If you still have a problem after meeting with the teacher or case coordinator, please contact your building principal and/or your district's special education director.  Again, give details about your concern, and work with these professionals to reach a solution.  Always remember to write down any changes which have been agreed to.  IEP team meetings can be scheduled at any time during the school year if there is a change that has to be made. 
  • If you have done all of these things and still have a concern, please consider contacting your local PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) representative.  Your PAC representative can help you identify local resources to assist you with problem solving.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us: